Project Cars: This game could really be awesome!

I’ve just played the latest version and I can say it feels almost real! One of the best racing games I have played for a while!

The producer of Project Cars trust their skills. The game should be for advanced drivers in first line. It will be like an heaven for them, no doubts. At the same time it’s not only difficult, it is also on the highest graphic level. It is really detailed and you can see every little detail of the cars and the streets. You can play it on PC and the new consoles of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The name of the developers “Slighty Mad Studios” suits them very good. The independent devs from the United Kingdom are working on this first-class racing game since a few years. This racing project gets financed by engaged gamers. Until now there were gamer who were donating money for developing this game. In return they not only got the pre-version of the PC-version, they could also help to develope the whole game.
As a gift the volunteers get paid after the release of the game.


But is this enough to developer such a high end project? Of course not. But the developer have the needed experience in this genre. Some of them helped to develop Need for Speed – Shift and Text Drive – Ferrari Racing Legends. Real racer help to make this game as real as possible. The pro’s knows how it feels to sit in a car and how the cars are working on the streets.

For a good racing-simulation there is one important thing needed: The racing-feeling.
This racing-feeling is integrated in Project Cars pretty well. This is not for hardcore-driver. You have to be careful, otherwise you will crash. Even some middle-class cars need a good handling. I don’t even wanna start to talk about very fast cars, because it is even harder to control them!

We can’t wait to play this awesome game soon as possible!